Adventure Team Challenge Colorado

Hi Guys!  I just wanted to make a page to specifically explain this event I am going to in September.

There are 12 teams each consisting of 5 members.  My team is made up of all females.  There are two members with some sort of disability and the rest are able bodied people mainly there to help me conquer this mission.  I am the one member in a chair and the other member is an amputee from the knee down.  She will rock just as hard as the others and hopefully they can help motivate me to give me all!

We will be camping not far from Vail, Colorado.  We will be biking through trails in the mountains as well as white water rafting.  These are two things I have never done!  I’m sure some of you have seen that I’ve been hitting the gym lately and this is why!!

This event is completely free to me.  I just have to come prepared with clothes and equipment and I must raise 450 dollars.  Any little bit helps!  I appreciate any and everyone who can help me make the goal a reality! The link to donate is below, and it is tax deductible as well!

Donation Link