Weekends come and go..

I think the following idea could feel true for most people. We go through the week looking forward to the weekend, then the weekend gets here and we’re happy we made it. The next thing we know we are staring the new week right back in it’s face. It’s like our weekend came and went in a blink of an eye.

For the past two days I’ve pretty much had Alaska: The Last Frontier on because the new episode to their 10th season airs tonight in just over an hour at 8 o’clock. (And I promise it ties into what I’m talking about.) So my days have been filled with old episodes of building egg shaped chicken coups, hunting, fishing, building treehouses, moving cabins, fixing up a tear drop camper, having babies, gardening, herding cattle, and chopping down trees. You name it, these people have done it. What a life they are living! And I found myself questioning. Do they live for weekends too? I just can’t really convince myself that they do and that must be nice.

However, they are not all the way different from those of us looking ahead. They may not be rushing their weeks like so many of use do, but they sure don’t know where time has gone.

We look forward to the future but in many of our present moments in life, we look back and wonder how it all went by so fast. I’m can remember being in my teenage years and wondering how I had grown up and was dealing with things a 7 year old didn’t have to. I remember being in college and looking back to my high school years and how easy I had it then. And again when I got my first job. Then there are times I look back on that I can’t believe I made it through. But how on Earth have I become a 34 year old woman?!

Life is such a weird experience. And I think we need to slow down and think about it sometimes so it doesn’t always fly by so fast.

A lot of people say move forward and don’t look back, but I kinda think that’s bad advice. The more you stop and take a look back, the more you know just where you’re at and how far you’ve gone.

Life isn’t really about where we are trying to go or what goals we’re trying to reach. What matters is what we are doing to get there.

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