What’s wrong with being a night owl?

At 35, almost 36 years old, you would think I would be a little bit more “adulty”, but I’m just not. I come from cloth that is much, much different than my parents. But it’s not just different from theirs, I happen to be a lot different than most people.

I read something yesterday on one of the pages I follow. She was running a pretty darn good deal on her Splendid Nails, which reminds me, I never put my order in. That’s one more thing I need to do before I go to bed tonight/this morning! Anyway, excuse the ADD. The post went something like this…

The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

I immediately busted out laughing and read it to my dad and he quickly chuckled with a good eye roll and head shake. I do not have his approval when it comes to a lot of things, but I’m 35 so I don’t really need it anymore!

Right now it is 2:12 AM Eastern time. Most people have been asleep for hours and I am still at least an hour from even probably laying my head down. I have been defending my sleep cycle for as long as I can remember, but I don’t think I have convinced anyone my way of life is a better choice. And, it really isn’t for a lot of people! But for me, I become more awake when the sun goes down, my brain thinks clearer, I’m more focused, determined, goal-oriented. It’s like when the world slows down, I can get things done. If I’m being honest though, I probably get things done because everyone is asleep and I don’t have anyone to talk to. Because those of you that know me, know I looooooove to talk!

Let me walk you through my day today. I slept in and woke up here and there, after the sunrise only to rearrange and get ready for the best sleep of the day. I honestly sleep better when I see the sun coming up and I hear the birds, they are like a lullaby to me. It wasn’t until roughly 11:30 am when I woke up and decided, it’s time to get up. Buuuut, I stayed in bed responding to messages, checking email, catching up on what all the early birds had posted on social media, andddd I got caught up in a YouTube Princess Dianna short video after short video binge. That’s one woman that really really interests me, and let’s be honest, I know I’m not the only one…

Then my business partner sent me a text asking me if I was up yet, because I had told her an hour and 12 minutes before I just woke up but had to get up and go potty before I could look at the to-do she sent me. She was eager to find out if I had gotten up and looked at the Facebook shop she had sent me about earlier that morning. My first thought was crap, I gotta get moving and I quickly texted back. Nope! But, I’m getting up right now! Call me in 3 minutes. And she did, and I was up.

I took my bath, I turned on my computer, and then, dad got back with my lunch. So I had to eat, but I was going to multi-task but the internet was acting up. However, the internet guy also got there and about that time my co-worker called me. I was trapped, so I told her I would call her back shortly. As soon as he went outside to get something, I hopped back in my chair and got out of the living room, and gave her a call. 2 hours and 11 minutes later, I was done with that conversation.

Then I got info on a possible covid positive I was in close contact with. I should get clarification on that in the morning, but you can imagine I had to make phone calls after that. I have places to be that I probably shouldn’t be going if that test comes back negative, even though I feel fine, we gotta play it safe with this funk!

Then, another co-worker called with some good news, and even though I told her I’d let her go and kept talking for 30 minutes, that phone call was just 1 minute shy of an hour. If you didn’t know I talk a lot, you should be putting it together now. And by that time, it was 9:30 p.m. I had not done ANYTHING productive!

Well, I had added a few books to our Facebook shop and researched a few things, but that’s it. Then, dad called it a night. Since then, I have created and submitted 4 books for Marianna and 1 more for Sweeny, I’ve looked over a contract for a book we are publishing for my good friend Brian, I added another chapter to my book, filled out everything I needed to for a new company I am getting a DISCOUNT CODE FOR YOU GUYS (I’m excited about that!), aaaaaaaand I’ve now almost completed a blog post!

And I’m getting to toggle the TV back and forth from Home Improvement to Golden Girls and I had it on the Rugrats about 2 hours ago.

When I say I still feel like an 18-year-old, until I am around 18 year olds……….This is why. I simply have not grown up. But, I am perfectly, happily, okay with that. I’m also okay with sleeping in and staying up late. Because honestly, if I woke up at 8 am and tried to do any of this, I would just fall asleep, wake up and feel defeated, and probably decide to have a movie day altogether. Mornings just don’t work for me when I have the option of sleeping in. And I know I’m only 6 days away from waking up at 5:45 five days a week again. Summer is almost over!

So the point of all that was this.

We all beat to our own drum. Beat on yours as loud and as proud as you want to. We are not all meant to wake up early. Not everything eats worms.

5 thoughts on “What’s wrong with being a night owl?

  1. Great post. I was up early after the worm. Well, actually I get up at 5:30 before I get Ronnie up at 6:00. Gives me time to look at what happened over night. I guess I will be after my worm next week as back to work again.

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  2. This one just gave me a great chuckle! However, it seems like you are busy as heck when you are awake, regardless of the time! Hoping your summer was great!


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