The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Last week at work I got to spend a day with other teachers walking through classrooms of our co-workers. It was a wonderful day getting to see how other teachers have their classrooms set up and how they do their teaching. I saw lots of things and stole a lot of ideas on how I can make my classroom better and improve my lessons. It was also fun sitting around and talking to other teachers about the things they saw that were cool that they could use. What a great day for learning as a teacher!

When lunchtime came around we all started talking about experiences and telling a little more about ourselves as small talk. It was cool getting to know some of my new coworkers better because I found out we have A LOT in common with the things we watch. Multiple shows were shared and talked about. So this weekend after the tournament I knew I was doing NOTHING but watching shows and being lazy. I messaged them asked them to share all the shows again! They sent multiple that I was excited to check out. I watched a few episodes of one and then thought that I should check the others out because I may like them better. The next one on the list I was gonna try out was The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

I watch Amazon Prime videos weekly. Numerous amounts of times I have seen the ads for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel at the top but I’ve always just skimmed right over it. Mrs. Maisel looked a little fancy and kind of like a rip off of Mary Poppins. I wasn’t ready for a rip off TV show.
So I was told by my coworker he and his wife liked the show, so I knew it was something girls could like also. So I decided to give it a go after Mind Hunter. I had no idea I wouldn’t stop watching it and check out another one of the many things on the list they sent me.

First episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel underway! At first, I thought this is why I’m not married! This girl puts entirely too much work in for her husband! But then, I realized even all the work she did wasn’t good enough for him. Huh! I have felt the very same way in my life. I did everything I knew to do and still wasn’t good enough but I was as far from Mrs. Maisel as I could ever be. VERY far from being as perfect as she was. But still, perfection doesn’t exist or even matter when it so close to being in existence.

What I really loved about this show is how she took the most devastating thing she had experienced and she ended up finding her new goals and purpose. I can totally relate to that.

I’ve had two truly devastating events. My car accident nearly 15 years ago and my break up 2 years ago. I picked up the pieces and tried to be normal after my car accident. I didn’t really accept that I was different. It’s not like I denied my disability but my goals turned into going to college, get a job, doing all the things I could do to fell normal. I didn’t quite have a purpose like I do now.

Two years ago it was a different story. Like Mrs. Midge Maisel, I went out and did something I would have never done before while having a boyfriend or a husband. In a moment of not know what the heck my future had going for it, I went and gave it a shot at doing something I love. It took that one solo camping trip to Arkansas. Unlike Mrs. Maisel, I knew right away what my new purpose was supposed meant to be. It took her a little bit to catch on to her knew goals.

I am disabled, Midge was getting a divorce. The statistics for both of us are probably comparable when incorporating the decade. We are different and we are outspoken.

Now, stand up comedy would never be my thing, because quite frankly, I can’t stand up! But really, anytime I try to make people laugh, I fail. If someone tells me to tell a joke all I have is the nerdy Ninja one I stole from my sister. I make people laugh merely telling stories of my life when I encounter a few people at a time. Getting on a stage like a comedian is never my goal, but telling my story is.

The story of Mrs. Maisel hits home though. There are times she gets discouraged, times it seems like everything is going against her, but she keeps going. Her husband tries to come back to her once he realizes he made a mistake. It reminded me of the time on my birthday my ex told me he broke up with the girl he left me for. It wasn’t an attempt on him getting back with me, but I think that was him letting me know he had made a mistake on her, like I even cared though. I just told him I was sorry and I hope he was okay. I really was sorry for him and her. What an unfortunate event for them to go through. I was just glad it didn’t effect me the way it could have. I had no care in the world, just like Midge didn’t seem to have either.

There is one other big comparison I’ve picked up on while watching this show. I can only really remember one time in which Mrs. Maisel broke down and really cried. There are a few times that she cries a little tear or two or you can see she gets in her emotions, but it’s not often. I recall crying over my ex that Sunday. I asked him to come into our bedroom and talk. I wanted to make sure he had full clarification that if that was what he wanted I would never go back to him because I would cut that emotion off. We talked for probably a good 30 minutes and I cried the ENTIRE time. We hugged, we said we loved each other, and it was over.

I never cried over him again.

It takes a lot to forgive, forget, and move on. It takes a strong person with a bold personality to move on in some situations.

Life is totally weird at the way it works out and some of those most horrible times can really become the most beautiful things ever. Count those hard blessings more so than the good ones, and when you do you will find yourself looking back on those days of those devastating times, and you will ask yourself why you ever thought they were so devastating in the first place. Why would I ever have even wasted those 30 minutes of tears on him??

If you have Amazon Prime and you haven’t checked it out! Go watch it! That is, if you’re an adult because it turns out, it’s nothing like Mary Poppins.

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