Happy New Year from Mississippi

Here I am in my tent again. But this is the 31st. Earlier my mom I went on a ride. The first stop was Billy’s Boudin. We got those at a different location than we normally get them from but they tasted just the same. Delicious. We left there and headed towards New Orleans. I wanted to venture around New Orleans just to get the feel of the wonderful city again. Mom wanted to find some baguettes, and again, what mom wants, mom gets. We took the two-hour drive to New Orleans and we found some. We got powdered sugar all over my car but it was worth it. It made me want to watch The Princess and the Frog.

We rode around New Orleans for just a bit. We decided we wanted to find the 9th ward which was so badly affected by Hurricane Katrina. We had ridden through Lousiana years ago and saw some damage but we wanted to see how that 9th ward had come back. So we put it in the GPS and followed the blue road. Once we got there we realized we had been riding through nothing to reach nothing. GPS fail. Well, it was really our fault for not doing better research but oh well. It was nothing to get mad about. We just decided to head back to the campsite from there. After about 2.5 hours we made it back to our campsite. We quickly started a fire and got our New Year gear out.

This is where the fun actually started. We built the best fire that night. We talked about our goals and dreams for the upcoming years on how we could better ourselves. We talked of ideas on things that could better our camping trip in the upcoming year.

We then ended the year playing games with our new year horns. Memory songs. I wish I would have taken videoes because we had some of the best laughs ever. And I remember thinking, this will be a time I will always cherish with my momma.

It’s moments like I had tonight that may seem so insignificant to my momma that mean soo much to me. I’m sure she has no idea how much I understand how cherishable moments like tonight are.

I’m beginning to think that I should write these types of the moment down every time I hang out with a person. Quite often people have no idea how big of an impact they play on people. And quite often we think to ourselves that everyone else is doing life better than we are but we don’t need to forget all those little things we are thankful for.

I might add here I didn’t even bathe today. I brushed my teeth this morning but I didn’t do it before I went to bed. But that’s okay because the one thing I know is, I love nature.

Another family came in tonight and set up their camp within no problem. There was a moment that I was envious and then I thought. I’ve always had that family in my mom. She is one of the most easy going people I know. I’m the one that gets the tude when were do things together. The older I get the more I am aware of this and it something I will continue to work on. Even though I feel like a pretty easy going person I know there is room for improvement!

Other people are thankful for their mommas but, I’m beyond blessed by mine.

The clock just hit 12:00 so I am free to go to sleep now! Happy New Year. Here’s to another great year! 12:00 1-1-20

Wow. Reading back over that journal entry as I was typing it filled me with soo many emotions. I felt better about life at that moment than I had in a while. I loved the conversation mom and I had that night and I absolutely had a blast playing that silly made-up game. I was very content with my life in that moment and didn’t really feel the stress of things that I let weigh me down in my everyday life.

I often worry over stuff that doesn’t deserve my worrying. When will I be debt free? Will I EVER get my student loans paid off? Am I going to rent an expensive apartment forever? When will I decide its finally time for a new car? Can I afford a new car? Will I ever reach my goal of getting a tear drop camper? Will I ever sell all these shirts? Will I ever have time to write the book I dream about? How may years of teaching do I have left in me? Am I even a good teacher? What can I do to be better? And about coaching! How many more years am I going to coach? Can I keep up with the long hours in my chair that make my feet swell? Is it worth it? Do I drink enough water?

I could go on for hours with questions like this that I constantly find myself asking myself. It’s not even just the questioning that goes on up there in my brain. I have tons of checklist that I am constantly trying to mark things out on. To-do lists. My brain literally stays in a constant state of chaos.

But at that moment that night while I was alone in my tent again I was thankful and content and I don’t think I had a care in the world.

Little did I know the next day I would have a whole new set of questions and fears. Another life test was headed my way and I simply had no idea.

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