Clear Springs Lake, Mississippi

So I thought I’d try something a little different this time. Every time I go camping I take my notebook and I do a little writing before I decide to read or watch something I downloaded on my iPad. It keeps my memories fresh for future blogs, but I thought this time, why don’t I just share my journal entry? Soo, here it goes.

December 30, 2019

Mom and I are in Mississippi again. This time the low for the night is 36 degrees! Luckily she has two electric blankets plus I have my Big Agnes sleep system so I think I may actually sweat a little tonight. My sleeping bag is rated for 15 degrees and the sleeping pad is going to keep me well above the ground.

We had a pretty quick set up. Mom is using one of my Big Agnes tents and I am in the other orange one you’ve all see with the wheelchair garage! I also got mom a Big Agnes shelter that turned out to be huge. It fits over her whole tent giving her a better garage than me. Whatever makes camping easier on her I’ll do!

We made a fire and cooked on it with my little new cast iron pan. We made sausage, cauliflower, red peppers, and radishes with a little bit of olive oil. Cooked radishes taste a lot like cabbage to me! It was the first time I have ever had them cooked and it’s safe to say that I’m a fan.

It’s about 8 o’clock and we are both tucked away in our tents. My real hope is that mom stays warm and is not miserable because we plan to stay 4 nights and celebrate the new year here. We are staying at Clear Springs Lake Campground. We are right next to the water but it’s not very clear nor does it seem like a lake, more like a tiny pond. However, I’m not making it sound very cool but it’s totally a cool little spot.

The groundskeeper came by earlier to get our name and tag number and to kick mom off her grass. I knew this wasn’t allowed but figured we would just move it when we got done setting up, which we still did anyway. She also wanted us to be sure we were not in the primitive camping. This made me laugh because we totally knew this because mom prefers the spots with electricity and this was one trip I was willing to pay the extra money in order to have the blankets. Had I been alone I probably would have braved the cold and possibly ended up in my car. The 3 dollar primitive camping woulda sounded much better if I was paying for it on my own.

Indie seemed to be a little more relaxed this time but she was still full of anxiety at first. I’m really hoping that maybe she is getting a hang of camping. I know she’ll like it better when I get my camper and she can hop up in there on a real bed. She has turned into such a little princess in her older days.

I’m happy as one could be back in a tent surrounded by nature. I would indeed be a little happier if I could fully hear the little forest creatures that come so alive at night, however, they seemed to be muted by our neighbors. It sounds as if they have a full furnace going over there heating their luxurious camper. Oh, the cons of being around the electricity. But, since mom is willing to go on these trips with me she gets whatever she wants, so electricity it is!

We really have no plans for what we are going to do tomorrow. I just want to ride around and check out some stuff around us and I know mom will want some boudin balls so that will probably be the first thing on our to-do list.

Now to get some sleep. Until next time.

Much Love!

That was my entry from night one and to add a little more. I did do a little sweating the first night. I zipped my sleeping bag up and I was toasty in there. I gave Indie most of the heated blanket because I had made the poor decision of cutting all her hair off just a few days before we went to Florida. I did by her a sweater to wear but somehow every single night she ended up having it in her bed versus having it on. Mom also stayed warm and she said she slept perfectly on her little blow-up mattress I had gotten her for Christmas. I must say, the start of the trip started out pretty dang good if you ask me!

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