Is that sunshine coming through the rain?

So yesterday I had a bit of a breakdown right before I posted the blog post I did. I was feeling very lost and felt like I had no control at all. Helpless. I guess thats the best word to describe how I felt.

I woke up today early in the morning to go to my doctors appointment on the burn on my leg. Which I haven’t even talked about. The night after I got to Florida I ended up with a terrible burn on my leg from a heating pad. I didn’t realize I was laying on it and it got a big spot on my leg burning it enough to bubble up and completely ruin the skin on my leg.

Once the bubble popped I cut the skin so it wasn’t laying over the burn and causing problems. We got gauze and ointment and started caring for this mishap right away. I decided to call Teladoc since I was out of town and they gave me some of the miracle cream. Boom! I’m good. We can go camping.

Camping we did. Wreck we did. Mental break down I did. But there was a bit of sunshine I saw today. I stole that from my friend, give John Butts the props on that. The sunshine part, much different than my torrential downpour I experienced yesterday.

My car was deemed totaled. I knew it would be because the airbags deployed. So I was ready for that outcome but I wasnt ready for the amount of money they would be giving me.

I will be getting a little over six thousand dollars. I was previously thinking I may get about four thousand. God is good.

That was a beam of sunshine I saw today.

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