Finally got a camper I can call MINE!

Gah I know it’s been a while guys and I apologize but ALOT has been going on. First starters, the week before Spring Break I was on a last-minute mission to find a teardrop camper. You Swift Outdoor Accessible Recreation is a non-profit organization that has put a lot of faith into me. Not only have they helped me get outdoors more but they have believed in me enough to keep pushing me to accomplish more.

Without their help, I would still be 1000’s away from getting a camper, but because of them, I got the deal of a lifetime! I found one that was at a great price and was excellent condition. Like, it literally looks basically brand new. The only problem with it was it was all the way in Lubbock. That is a good nine-hour drive for me. It doesn’t seem like a big deal with all the driving I do, right? Yeah well, I have never towed anything at all. So needless to say, I was terrified to go alone.

I asked my closes friends and no one was available. Tournaments, the rodeo, doctors’ appointments, and babysitting obligations. I did find one co-worker that could go with me so that did ease my soul a little bit, but then I found out my parents were coming to ride with me! This made feel better because I liked knowing my daddy would be there with me along the way and be there when I bought the thing! After all, this is one of those situations where it’s nice to have a man around and my dad happens to be the only man in mine currently!

My parents drove the 10 or so hours to me and when they arrived that Saturday morning that hopped in my car and I drive us the 9 hours to Lubbock. We got a hotel and went to bed early. We were waking up around 6 am to get up, pick the trailer up and get back to my house before it was too late.

It was an older couple I bought it from and they seemed super nice. I liked the idea that they were older because older people tend to take care of their things a little better than we young people do. And indeed when we saw this thing in person it looked just like pictures, nearly brand new.

I was so scared I had previously told dad he was gonna start out towing it, but the closer it got to us getting in the car I changed my mind. This was my toy. This was my responsibility. I needed to get used to it. So in the driver’s seat I got, and off we went!

I couldn’t even really tell it was back there other than the fact I couldn’t see out my rearview mirror. That was my biggest concern but I quickly found out the other two side-view mirrors work pretty well when it’s all you got. Pulling seemed easy enough, but it was a bit stressful. So much more could wrong.

Started out slow and steady on a road through a field!

I drove for maybe an hour or so and we stopped to get gas and I let dad take over for a little bit. I had driven the entire way there and was super stressed on if my car was gonna handle the camper and I needed to close my eyes for just a bit. When we stopped we snapped the picture that actually brings tears to my eyes.

My Subaru Outback AND my teardrop camper!

I did it. I crushed another goal. Of course, I met that goal with the help of all types of people along the way, but I kept aiming, kept going, and I got there! And that’s the secret of life because the goals don’t stop here. Now I have to come up with some new ones. The feeling you get when you accomplish one just makes goal setting soo addictive to me. It’s definitely a good addiction to have.

3 thoughts on “Finally got a camper I can call MINE!

  1. So glad you found a camper and also that your parents could go out and go with you to get it. Your camper looks great and appears to be in excellent condition! Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos!

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  2. So happy for you! I hope that you get to enjoy many great trips with your new camper. We had one when the kids were small and loved camping in the mountains. Enjoy it!

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