15 years ago…

Well, technically it was 15 years yesterday, but somehow I missed it. But, has it really been that long?! Where as time flown by to?! Oh to be able to catch it or go find it and get some of it back.

I was talking to a friend earlier and when I said ohh man?! You know what yesterday was?! At first he had no idea and then it hit him. His demeanor changed and he was scared to say it. I said what is it?! He said well I don’t wanna say it and be wrong?! When I told him it was my accident-aversy you could tell it made him feel bad. To lighten the mood a little I said this is the day I almost died, but didn’t! This is not a day I have ever been remorseful about.

This is the day I think about all the help that showed up that night, the angels in disguise that saved my life. I woulda died with out them.

This is the day I am beyond all else, thankful.

I have a very strong personality, one that needs to be reminded every now and again how insignificant I really am and how lucky I am to be here. In the scheme of this planet and the time of human kind, we are a mere spec in its time and space. We need to understand that and do our very best of living a life worth while.

I think we all need a little wake up call like that every now and again. We all need that reminder on just how lucky we are to be alive.

When I think, 15 years, it really just makes me feel like what my buddy Darian said to be early today when I told her it had been 15 years. “Damn, you’re old!”

Why yes ma’am, I’m not a little girl anymore. That’s for certain!

I don’t really wanna go back and catch time before my accident though. I would really just prefer time to slow down a little bit so we could slow this aging process down. I’m not too worried about any of the other.

But what I’m here to really talk about is not what happened 15 years ago. Instead I’d like to reflect on all the things that have happened in the past year.

1 year ago I posted my very first blog. Just on a mission of sharing my story when I found my new found hobby that I could do alone, camping. I finally found something I loved, that I could do, with no assistance, and I didn’t have to depend on anyone to help me out. Something in me lit up again.

Since then I have met some of the most amazing people. Some are in wheelchairs and some are not. Some are bloggers and some are not. Some camp and some don’t. Some live in America and some don’t.

I’ve been camping numerous times. I’ve upgraded my tent and sleeping gear. I’ve made a YouTube channel, participated in a race of a lifetime, got an outdoor wheelchair, been on TV, been a guest on a podcast, and I’ve spoken to our group of athletes. I’ve been blessed enough to be interviewed by multiple people which has allowed me to reach people from all over and somehow I’ve actually managed to inspire a few people along the way.

I have gone from wanting a Subaru and a teardrop to having a Subaru and a teardrop camper. A small dream come true and room for new dreams to be chased.

15 years ago my life changed. But a year ago I feel like I was born again. A little burst of energy and passion was woken up and a lot of things have transpired in a year. And who knows what is yet to come?

Ben, my friend and creator of the outdoor Spartan Wheel Chariots, just said it best when he told me, Happy Birthday.

Some of us are lucky enough to have two of those.

To those of you who have stuck around and followed me on this journey for the last year, I hope you stay around for a while, because who knows where I’ll be in my next 15 years.

Just me, trying to get by!

3 thoughts on “15 years ago…

  1. You have been on my mind for the last 24 hours. I have been thinking of the time 15 years ago and what you and i went through. I am glad I was able to be by your side the entire way. I am proud of what you have become. love you and miss you.

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